Parris Goebel’s Polyswagg Style Wows in New Bieber Video

Justin Bieber’s just dropped another banger, and you’ll definitely want to check out the video.

Bieber’s new song “Sorry” debuted with a brand new video, and while the song’s another solid addition to the singer’s portfolio this one’s way more notable for the dancing. And you have director/choreographer Parris Goebel to thank for these killer moves. Goebel even brought along her friends from ReQuest Dance Crew and Royal Family Dance Crew to fill this video with killer moves.

Parris Goebel’s one of the top names in the dance world today, and at just 23 years old that’s a pretty impressive feat. Her choreography’s brought the Royal Family Dance Crew, ReQuest and more from New Zealand’s The Palace Dance Studio to the World Hip Hop Championships multiple years. In fact, back in 2011 she choreographed routines for the top four groups at the competition. She’s dubbed her dance style “polyswagg,” and according to the choreographer it combines “sassy woman fire with aggressive inner strength.” The aggressive, popping moves seen in Goebel’s work perfectly displays that firey attitude, and immediately draws viewers in to any routine she’s choreographed.

With so much style, it shouldn’t be surprising that Parris Goebel’s caught the attention of more than just the hip-hop dancing community. In 2012 she was featured on Dancing With the Stars, and the following year work on the creative team of Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson themed show ONE. And earlier this year her choreography was featured in the killer video for Nicki Minaj/Beyonce team-up “Feeling Myself.”  In addition to choreography, she’s directed a number of awesome dance videos for her various crews. With this new Justin Bieber video, it’s almost guaranteed that Goebel’s will get more work in the mainstream pop/hip-hop industry.

Can’t get enough of Parris Goebel’s polyswagg style? Check out the short dance film she directed below. And to keep up with the latest from this talented artist, be sure to follow Parris Goebel on Instagram.


  • Kay White

    While I love the video, this is the grossest and most blatant instance of cultural appropriation I have ever personally witnessed! Most of the dance moves featured in the video are classic Jamaican dancehall dance moves. Ms. Groebel has seemingly claimed them as her own and slapped the name ‘polyswagg’ on. Not righteous!!! Always give credit to the source…give credit where credit is due.